Hi, I’m Nakee!

(NAH – kee)

I’m an animator, illustrator & EN VTuber based in the Philippines. I specialize in 2D painting and a little bit of 3D modelling and animating. You can view my portfolio here.
I stream art and games regularly on Twitch as Puff, the Winged Priestess, my online persona.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to email me at nakeekat@gmail.com or contact me via my social media links below.

Affiliated Groups


Artist Circle

Chibaneelle Art Circle is a collective of artists, streamers, VTubers, gamers, and more. You can find them and other artists in the Artist Alley area of upcoming Philippine conventions!


VTuber Friend Group

Hopping out of our enclosures to entertain you! VZoo is a casual VTuber group comprised of friends who decided to become streamers.