Commission Terms of Service

updated on Nov. 3, 2022

General Terms

  1. This is a DIGITAL ITEM. Shipping address and fees will not be needed as the commissioned work will be delivered via email.
  2. I, the artist, have full rights over my work, including the right to post my work on other sites and in a portfolio (e.g. for self-promotion).
  3. The commissioned work may be printed or used as designs as long as it is solely for personal use. “Personal use” allows the client to use the work as their social media icon, print as a poster at home, use the work as PC/phone wallpaper, and the like.
  4. The commissioned work for personal use must not be used for commercial purposes. “Commercial use” entails the work to be used for advertising, print the work on merchandise, and the like. Using the commissioned work for promotional materials, to be shown on livestreams or monetized videos, and the like are considered “commercial use”.
  5. The commissioned work, whether in whole or in part, must not be used for any blockchain-related technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and future inventions in the space.
  6. The commissioned work, whether in whole or in part, must not be uploaded to any AI database and any similar technology.
  7. The commissioned work may be reposted or reuploaded as long as I am informed and credited as Nakeekat. My watermark should not be removed.


  1. Payment must be made upfront before I start on the commission.
  2. Full payment must be settled before I send the full resolution files.
  3. Refunds will only be entertained if I have not yet started on the commission.


  1. I will send a progress shot of the sketch for approval before I start painting the piece. Major revisions (e.g. pose, expression and composition) may be made only during this stage. I will begin painting once the sketch has been approved.
    • A maximum of two major revisions is allowed. Additional revisions will be charged a corresponding fee.
  2. I will send a low resolution progress shot of the final image for your approval. At this point, only minor revisions are allowed (e.g. color adjustments).